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Kathleen has been Featured in the book, ‘Is She Naturally Thin or Disciplined“.

She has understood her secret for many years, now it’s time to learn yours.

She is a Metabolic Typing Adviser and can help you to understand how and why you are different from others when it comes to food choices and why some diets and disciplines work for you and not others. More frustratingly, why some work for a while and then stop completely.

It’s not that hard to understand when you get back to your basic chemistry and Kathleen can help you to do this without invasive blood work or other expensive lab tests.

Find out what foods are best for you and receive a menu to buy from.

The goal is to get to know your chemistry and then make way for the intuition which will become your most valuable guide.


Fill out the brief form below to receive a 30 day license to view our 5 introductory videos that will help you to understand how Metabolic Typing is different from any other diet or weight loss program you have tried. It’s good to know that the Metabolic Typing Program has been around for over 30 years, it uses everyday foods and it works for everyone. Simply put, it works for 100% of the people who use it.


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 Receive the support you need on your path to discovering the foods that are right for you.

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NUTRITION ’3 Month Support Program’:

For less than the cost of an hour massage a week, you can integrate a Dietary/Wellness plan for 3 solid months of continuous education & support.

Learning a new lifestyle that will bring you the health, vitality & even weight loss you’ve been looking for is invaluable and you won’t find it more custom than here!

As stated, this Package offers you 3 months to get a grasp of all of the levels of MT,  what it means to you, how to use it in all situations with continual support and 6 one-on-one sessions (twice a month), with Kathleen.

This is a comprehensive program will bring in all of the aspects of your Metabolic Type.

Committing to a program makes sure that you do everything you can to get the best results without all of the confusion of adding a new approach to the foods that are right for you.

As your adviser, Kathleen can assist you through using everyday foods that will give you the most energy, leading to core-health. MT has relieved chronic illnesses and weight issues for years without the need to count calories or eat foods you don’t like.

**Forget Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, (who wants to watch their weight anyway?), Book Diets and most of all Counting Calories!

**NO Counting Calories! Forget about losing weight, that will come naturally.

Purchase your package and get started NOW, -  you will find Peace of Mind, more Energy and Vitality.

This is a lifestyle, not a fad. It’s your life and you want to live it fully.


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Food As Medicine

What is essential to understand is that food is the ultimate medicine. There is no drug or vitamin pill or herb or other nutritional supplement that can influence your health as profoundly as your diet.

In this day and age, with nutritional supplements so widely available, many people make the mistake of thinking they can eat what they want as long as they take vitamins and minerals. But this is definitely not the case. Supplements are just what their name implies – a supplement to your diet, not a substitute for it.

To a limited extent, supplements may compensate for a diet that is inadequate for your metabolic type. But of the two – diet and supplements – your diet is the more important. It’s the foundation upon which your health is built.

Remember, your body is designed to sustain itself on the same core dietary building blocks (in the form of proteins, carbohydrates and fats) that were available to your ancestors, not on products that come in a bottle or a box.

You may take high quality supplements, perfectly well suited to your metabolic type. But if you’re not eating the right diet, it’s like trying to run in opposite directions at the same time. In that case, the best that you can hope for is that your supplements will offset some of the adverse influences of the foods you are consuming.

The best way to balance your body chemistry, increase your metabolic efficiency, and, in turn, improve your health is to eat a wide variety of the foods that are right for you and avoid all the foods that are wrong for you.



If you want to cleanse your body, the Spring and Fall are especially good times to do so. I believe in cleansing with food and not fasting unless you are ill or want to take a few days to rest, fast & meditate.

All you have to do is make a juice with your favorite vegetables and a touch of fruit if you want it sweetened. A touch of cyan pepper could spice it up a bit and is good for circulation.

Make one of these for breakfast and lunch, then have a nice – clean dinner by making a protein like chicken or fish and cooking it in avocado oil. If you add spirulina or a green algae of some type to your juice, you will be getting a light source of protein. You must have a source of protein and fat with your juice. Small amounts will be fine until dinner.

Enjoy this cleanse for at least 3 days or longer as long as you feel good and energized. When you start to feel a bit tired, add another meal until you are up to 3 meals a day. Light meals with snacks throughout the day are a good way to keep the fires burning in your stomach and your energy levels up.

For the best re-charge and cleanse for you, you can get your Metabolic Type figured out through our on-line advanced test by purchasing the Nutrition Package above. This will give detailed information on the meats, fruits and vegetables that suit you best and your cleanse will be greatly enhanced by adding the vegetables and fruits that are chemically correct for you.

*Avoid Dairy, Red Meat and Wheat while on this cleanse.



Try going Gluten free for 2 weeks. If you have had bloating, allergies, energy lags, mood swings or any other symptoms, you could try avoiding wheat in all forms and purchase gluten free products to replace it if needed.

Try eating burgers & subs without the bread, salads without the croutons, spaghetti with rice noodles and so on…

There are many recipe books available today on-line and in the book stores.

If you feel better after a few days, you may have a Gluten allergy or intolerance. You should feel much lighter and more energized after two weeks if Gluten has been weighing you down. In the future you can eat wheat, you will just find that it will take 3 to 5 days to feel light again and for any bloating to go down.

When there is a Gluten intolerance involved with one’s symptoms, there may be intestinal issues involved as well. Staying off of Wheat/Gluten for 3 months will help the intestinal track to heal and in 6 months it should be fully healed unless there are other allergies involved. Dairy’s protein structure is similar to gluten protein so staying off of Dairy for the first few months of intestinal healing will help the body to decipher more easily between the two and can be added back into the diet after 3 months. If symptoms return, then Dairy may be another intolerance and should be avoided and dairy support enzymes should be added to the diet.