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Kathleen Pleasants & the Clearly Unique Wellness Center have a 5 star rating


Kathleen has magic hands! I first came to her for a massage with a GroupOn deal, not expecting too much. By far she is the best therapist I've ever seen and I've been to several. I have Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which included facial paralysis on one side. After only a few visits and her working around my eye, my face is looking better and almost 100%. I also decided to try the Infrared Body Wrap and was very pleased with how she took great care of me during the session. Fabulous results there as well and I'm always pain free when I walk out her door. So grateful I found her!

Shannon B.

Went there yesterday and had a wonderful experience. Kathleen used different techniques than others that are used to get at the root of the problem. I signed up for more massages based on my first experience.

Beth H.

I had a fantastic experience here today which far exceeded my expectations. I have been suffering continuously for years from major neck tension and a particular kind of pain and discomfort. She pinpointed the problem areas immediately and went to work, using exactly the right pressure as well as techniques I had not experienced in many many years of massage therapy for the same condition. Her interaction throughout the session was informative and genuine . Kathleen is truly gifted healer that clearly cares to solve your issues. I am feeling very much better and I will be returning regularly.

Alberto M.

Kathleen is an amazing masseuse, with an intuitive touch. I found her through Groupon but immediately signed up for a package of massages; she was and IS that great. It's been almost a year now, and I always look forward to my appointments. I have chronic pain from psoriatic arthritis, osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia. Kathleen's massages really help keep me active and relaxed.

Terry B.

I have been going to Clearly Unique Wellness Center- Kathleen for over a year now and have no intention to go anywhere else. Working in front of a computer more than 1/3 of my day M-F has caused lots of muscle pains. I had many people worked on me before and the result hadn't been as incredible as what I got from Kathleen. Many times I found myself still in pain walking out of other clinics including massage envy. However, with Kathleen's magical techniques, each massage would last me weeks which has never happened. I would recommend this place to anyone any day, LOVE this place!!

Journey G.

I met Kathleen with desperate neck issues. After seeing many massage therapist finally made it to her. She knew exactly what to do to SOLVE ...yes SOLVE my problem. She is by far the best healer I have ever met. Kathleen never stops learning abut new ways to heal...From Neuromuscular to Reiki and stretching, Kathleen is certified. Even nutrition counseling. She is also an instructor for many things. I myself became a massage therapist through Kathleen. Hands on quick learning. I am an excellent massage therapist today. You can't go wrong with Clearly Unique ....as Kathleen Pleasants is....CLEARLY UNIQUE...

Susan W.

I've had about seven massages all by different therapists the past year. Most were good, one was awful, but Kathleen far surpassed even the good ones. She did areas that I normally want avoided, but with her it felt really good. She also knows how to read her clients and can tell how much pressure to use. I love it that I didn't have to tell her to use more or less pressure. She just knows! But she will also ask you just to make sure it's not too hard or too soft. She worked my knots out without hurting me.

Cindy H.

I've been seeing Kathleen for about a year now and I am so pleased with the results. I have low back problems which Kathleen has helped to improve. My Chiropractic visits have decreased greatly and my body feels better and much more flexible. I have seen many massage therapist over the years and Kathleen is the best I've had and I've had some good ones. I love the way she works out my physical issues through her vast knowledge of how our bodies work and then she spends the time needed to relax me at the end. You can't go wrong with Kathleen and Clearly Unique.

Mark L.

Hands down in my 20 years in the healing arts Kathleen is the best I've worked with. She has consistently provided me with quality massages and invaluable wellness consultations. Recently, I injured my lower back during a weight training exercise which left me almost immobile. I went to Kathleen for help & to my surprise after only one session I was 75% better & mobile again. She gave me exercises to do at home and after several days I was 100% pain free and moving normally. We are lucky to have such a well trained & genuinely caring professional in our community who really knows her stuff.

Damon K.